What is it?

Poly-Fiber is the only liquid vinyl-based Fabric Covering System available.

Very importantly Poly-Fiber will not sustain fire.

It’s a complete system. No shopping around. Everything you need is available under one roof. Aircraft Coverings Ltd stock the complete Poly-Fiber range here in the UK.

Designed in the 1950’s as a solution to inherent problems experienced using Dope-based systems, Ray Stits created a new system with DIY builders and restorers in mind. In the process of creating the Stits system (Poly-Fiber), he designed out the major problem areas of fabric covering at the time.

Poly-Fiber will outlast any other covering system, and repairs are straight forward. Some of the aircraft first covered using the Stits (Poly-Fiber) system are still flying today, over 50 years on.

The coatings used in the Poly-Fiber system are cleverly designed to amalgamate into one flexible covering.  The selection of high quality resins at the point of manufacture, ensure Poly-Fiber maintains flexibility throughout its life and the paint will not crack and peel like other covering systems.
Adding plasticiser to car paint is a mile away from our process, a very short term compromise, & not approved. It’s something we strongly discourage. You will be returning to the job much sooner than you expect if you take this path!

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What’s so good about Poly-Fiber?

Poly-Fiber is the only all-vinyl system on the market today. As it dries, it bonds extremely well to modern polyester fabrics and remains flexible.
Poly-Fiber does not support combustion. If it’s exposed to a naked flame or extreme heat, it will not ignite.
Poly-Fiber is one of the lightest systems available. Only nine coats are used, compared with up to 18-using dope-based systems.
There are ultra-lightweight options too.
Poly-Fiber is the most repairable of all systems available today, and the repairs are as strong as the original.
Poly-Fiber can be rejuvenated after years of weathering.
It has over 50 years of success as the Stits Poly-Fiber system. Many original jobs completed up to 50 years ago are still going strong.
Poly-Fiber is not very sensitive to heat, cold, or humidity during application or throughout its service life.
Poly-Fiber offers choices in fabric weights and top coat paints with a variety of finishes.
There are 50 top coat colors in Poly-Tone, Aero-Thane and Ranthane.
Poly-Fiber has options for every aircraft from a simple ultralight to the most sophisticated warbird.