Engine Storage Oil (ESO)


A fine lubricating & preservative oil used to prevent corrosion in internal combustion engines during extended storage.

(REF: MIL-L21 260)

For maximum protection, the standard engine oil should be drained and replaced with a sufficient quantity of ESO to circulate through the lubricating system during a 10-minute low R.P.M. warm up. Just before shut down, inject 1⁄2 pt of ESO into the carburetor air intake. Remove spark plugs and inject 1⁄2 pt into each cylinder. Drain the fuel from the carburettor or injector system and inject a small quantity of ESO.If engine cannot be run, drain all fuel and oil and inject ESO through all ports, spark plug holes, etc. while rotating the crankshaft. Plug all ports to seal out moisture and prevent ESO leaking out.

If accessible, remove top spark plugs annually and rotate crankshaft several times.

When returning to service, drain all ports, reinstall conventional oil and fuel, and start engine with the usual procedures. Run at low R.P.M. until excessive exhaust smoking stops.

Infinite, in sealed container in protected storage. Not affected by freezing.