Poly-Tone square





One of 3 options for the finishing colour coats of the Poly-Fiber system.

A durable, one-part, air-drying, flexible coating available in 50 popular aircraft colors. Poly-Tone is considered to be our “standard” pigmented finish for the Poly-Fiber covering process.

Poly-Tone is non shrinking, non bleeding, fire retardant, chemical resistant, and is used mostly on fabric but can be applied to metal and fibreglass using certain processes.
Poly-Tone generally has a satin (silk) finish in appearance once applied and fully dry. However there are methods to improve the gloss level of the final finish. It can be polished to a high luster equal in appearance to any cellulose dope, lacquer, or synthetic enamel finish.

Out of our 3 options, Poly-Tone is the most compatible with the previous coats in terms of a physical and chemical bond. The thermo-expansion and elasticity is the same as all of the sub-coats.
It is the most flexible top coat, the easiest to repair (by far), the easiest to apply, and for those who are weight-critical, it’s the lightest.

PolyTone may be sprayed with any equipment rated for lacquer and enamel. Clean the equipment with Poly-Fiber Reducer or Methyl Ethyl Ketone.
One gallon of PolyTone will cover approximately 200 sq. ft. with one coat.

Drying Time:
Dust free in 20 minutes. Allow 12 hours drying before using masking tape. All drying times are given at 70° F and 50% relative humidity. Adding Blush Retarder will slow drying time and improve the gloss.

Poly-Tone is always thinned 4 to 1 with Poly-Fiber Reducer R 65-75 in normal 65°-75° weather, or RR 8500 Retarder Reducer in temperatures of 85° and up. Add Blush Retarder BR-8600 as needed in hot humid weather. Using any other reducer or retarder may cause adverse characteristics.

Finishing Metal Surfaces
We recommend stripping any old finish and re-priming with EP-420 Epoxy Primer. Epoxy primer must be scuff sanded to provide tooth adhesion before re-coating with Poly-Tone. regardless of the cure time. Refer to Poly-Fiber Metal Finishing literature for information on preparation and corrosion protection.

Spraying Equipment
Pigments may hard settle after 3 months storage. We recommend inverting the can every 30 days to avoid pigment compaction. Pigments hard settled in extended storage should be dislodged from the bottom with a clean tool, then dispersed thoroughly by agitating with a double-action paint shaker for 5 minutes minimum. Filter thru 60×48 or finer mesh paint filter before using.

Guaranteed 4 years unopened in protected storage. Avoid long-range storage above 100° F. Not affected by freezing.