Alkaline GAL square

Alkaline Cleaner -310




An effective, penetrating, general purpose detergent cleaner. (Silicone-free)

Concentrated solution – dilute as needed with up to 32 parts water. Dilute with 20 parts water as an alkaline metal surface cleaner to remove wax, dirt, oil, grease. and silicone in preparation for metal finishing. Dilute with 20 parts water as a wash to remove oil, dirt, silicone, and wax from old fabric or painted metal surface in preparation for refinishing. Dilute with 20 parts water as a very effective vinyl and cloth upholstery cleaner. Dilute with 5 parts water as a cleaner for engine and cowling. Apply with a brush or spray, then rinse. Dilute with 32 parts water for aircraft, auto, motorhome, and trailer exterior washing. Dilute with 5 parts water and use as a laundry pre-wash soil breaker and laundry additive. Will clean where nationally advertised brands fail. Dilute with 5 parts water as a hangar floor, garage, and driveway oil drip remover. An excellent extra-strength household cleaner. Dilute with 10 parts water and use on sinks, stoves. walls, carpets. cabinets, vinyl floors, furniture, etc. Removes wax, oil, grease, crayon. and pencil marks, dirt and stains. Decrease the dilution on persistent stains. 310 Cleaner is not harsh on hands. Has a pleasant lemon fragrance. Dilute with equal parts water and use in liquid hand soap dispenser. Wet the hands first and use a few drops – the dirt runs off. Space limits the listing of the hundreds of uses for 310 Cleaner.