METL-SOL QT square

Metal surface Cleaner METL-SOL C-2200




C-2200 Metal Surface Cleaner. A strong solvent blend especially formulated to remove oil, silicone, wax and other contaminants from all metal surfaces before priming. Not recommended for paint surfaces or to clean overspray off acrylic windshields due to fast bite and risk of damage.

lmmediately before priming wet a clean cloth or paper towel with Metl-Sol Cleaner and wet the surface liberally working a small 3 or 5 foot square area. Wipe off each section with a clean dry cloth or paper towel before the Metl-Sol has evaporated to remove dissolved or loosened contaminants. Change towels frequently to avoid transferring contamination to other areas. Do not use laundered shop towels that may be contaminated with silicone which would be transferred to the surface being cleaned.