P-Tak ALL square

Poly-Tak Fabric Cement



The adhesive to attach your fabric to structure, or to other fabric.
Available in Pint, Quart or Gallon tins (US).



A high-strength, fast-drying. one-part cement manufactured from a proprietary formula to attach polyester fabric to an airframe. It is FAA approved with the Poly-Fiber STC for use in making a 2” overlap cement seam on the wing leading edge and a 1″ overlap cement seam on the balance of the aircraft, regardless of the wing loading or maximum speed (Vne).


Poly-Tak is also an excellent cement for cotton, linen, and glass fiber, and will adhere to most surfaces for shear load bonding.
Add Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK) when necessary to reduce viscosity due to solvent evaporation from an open container.
Refer to the Poly-Fiber Manual for details on approved methods for cement seams.

Guaranteed 2 years unopened in protected storage under 100 F. Not affected by freezing. Do not use if appears dark or whiskey colored. Poly-Tak should be clear. Discolored cement has been heat damaged. Test adhesion of fabric to bare aluminum if storage temperature exceeds 100 F. for several months or guaranteed shelf life has expired.